Testimonials from happy clients

Dear Jane, 

I came to see you as a result of a friend recommending you. 

I was at a very low point due to my  desperate need to have a child and finding out that I may have left things too late as I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure; I was given a less than 1% chance of success.

I know that from our first meeting that the reflexology treatment had some sort of effect  because of changes that I felt in my body. My IVF cycle failed but I was more fortunate than words can describe as I fell pregnant naturally after my failed cycle. I truly believe that the reflexology helped my body to become more receptive and that a combination of the IVF drugs and reflexology helped my to have my beautiful daughter.

I am now seeing you again in the greedy hope that I can have a sibling for my little girl- fingers and toes crossed. I have recommedned you to friends and I know that you have helped them in the same way that you have helped me. I would never hesitate in recommending you for your kindness, sensitivity and understanding with a highly emotive subject. Whenever I saw you, you let me be me, whether  that was angry, crying, desperate or just alright.   

Thank you

Ms A.


Dearest Jane,

It is difficult to find enough positive words to describe what a wonderfully caring and gifted healer you are. 

I first came to see you after a sudden painful and crippling onset of rheumatoid arthritis just a couple of months after the birth of my first child, aged 27. Despite being told I would have to go on a range of strong medication to control it (most probably for the rest of my life), with the help of your reflexology treatments, my body was able to heal itself - much to the surprise and confusion of my Consultant Rheumatologist! She said she'd never seen a case such as mine, where a patient had had such a turn around without any medical intervention!

You provided loving, healing treatments and allowed me to heal in my own way at a time when my body and emotions were in turmoil. I have recommended your treatments to my husband, my mum and my friends - as well as their children! I simply can't say enough positive things about you - you do such valuable work. I always joke that I wish we could clone you and spread you around the world so more people could be as lucky as I was to find you and receive treatment from you.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your healing.

Best wishes, V.F


Dear Jane

I'd like to take a moment to thank you for the extra positivity you've brought to my life.

I so needed the input you have had in my life, I did feel i was drowning, despite knowing that a good wave was coming.

Thanks, your value is beyond the words I have.


Dear Jane

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you so much for your help. 

I had been having tremendous problems with my ears being blocked and the Hopi Ear Candles worked a treat. 

The sessions were a wonderful relaxing experience and my hearing has been so much better. 

I've been raving about it (and you! to to my friends and family. I could actually feel a difference both during and after the first session and it is so much gentler than syringing. If I ever have problems again you will be the first person I call.

Thanks again,


Dear Jane,  

I am writing to say how effective your treatment to induce labour was.

After your treatmernt at lunchtime I gave birth to my daughter at 11.45am next day!

My first pregnancy went overdue by 13 days, I was induced with prosaglandin gel which failed to have any effect on opening my cervix. The baby became distressed and I ended up having a c section. This had several knock on effects including difficulty in getting feeding going and a slow recovery time. The consultant told me it would be best not to be induced again (I think this was in case of risk of rupture). I would have to have a natural start or another c section.

Then I remebered a conversation a had with a women I had met, she happened to be a midwife and had used reflexology to induce labour with her first pregnancy. I got on to the Holisitc Centre and booked an appointment with you the same day.

I am convinced that the reflexology treatment was what brought my labour on. Within half an hour of leaving the centre I started to get mild lower abdominal cramps. Up till then I hadn't felt a thing. By 11pm I suspected that things were underway and finally went into hosptial at 7am.

Given that this was my first labour and that my cervix hadn't dilated at all last time things went really well. I was told to expect 1cm dilation per hour. It took me just over two hours to go from 3cm at 8.30am to 10cm at about 10.40am. The whole labour lasted about 5 hours rather than the predicted 10.  What a relief. My baby was perfect, my milk came in after a couple of days and my recovery time was minimal. I was back home in 24 hours.

I will definitely be recommending you and reflexology as a method of natural induction to my friends. What fantastic results from only one treatment. Thank you for saving me from the knife.

Many thanks Jane, your treatment really did help me both physically and emotionally.