Thermo Auricular Therapy for the head and ears

Ear candling is useful for the treatment of excessive or compacted ear wax, snoring, sinusitis, rhinitus, headaches, migraines, glue ear, noises in the ear and tinnitus, stress, neuralgia, colds and flu.

The candles are based on a traditional formula begun by the Indian tribes in Arizona.

The ingredients are: Sage, Honey extract, St Johns Wort, Chamomile, Beta Carotine.

The candles are hollow tubes with a filter at one end. The patient lies on their side and the candle is lit and then placed gently into the ear. The vapours are then circulated down inside the tube and gently massage the eardrum. This will regulate pressure within the head, including the sinuses. It is a deeply relaxing treatment and many patients fall into a wonderful sleep during the session!

It is not possible to have treatment if grommets are in place, if the eardrum is currently perforated, if an ear is infected at the time of treatment or if a patient is allergic to any of the candle ingredients (see above).

Jane will also use gentle Craniosacral techniques to enhance the benefit of the treatment and so speed recovery.